Travel Etiquette

Inspired by the classic tube train situation. You enter when the train is full sit down then after a few stops the carriage is pretty much empty accept for the guy or gal sitting next to you. What do you do?

  • Get up and sit next to empty seats. A more comfortable situation for the both of you
  • Stay next to the person like everybody else. Out of fear of offending or something
  • Make the decision based on whether you are sitting next to an attractive or not cause you’re a right perv.

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I’d stay seated because I don’t understand why you’d move, not because I don’t want to offend someone. Why would you move? IDGI.


I wouldn’t generally sit on a tube, but I would remain in the same seat unless it was uncomfortable or the other person asked me to move. Thank you

I rarely sit down on the tube anyway, so it hasn’t ever come up as an issue for me, but I would stay where I was, lest it be seen that I’m trying to avoid them because they smell or something.

Would probably be quite offended if I was the person sitting down and someone just got up and moved two seats away no reason, tbh

Cause being next to someone or two people is considerably less comfortable, particularly when you have a back pack or something.

Get up and walk down the carriages as though you’re getting off then sit in another seat out of sight.

And you are in a heat sink line like the Bakerloo or the Central line. (I use the former to get to work)

Completely free choice of where to position yourself on a tube for a short (let’s say 3 stop) tube journey:

  • seated, close to the doors
  • seated, in the middle of the carriage
  • standing, between the seats
  • standing, by the doors
  • on the half-seat things at the end of the carriage
  • other

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Was sitting next to a guy on the Overground the other week. We were having a classic elbow battle over the armrest. It seemed a waste not to carry on for the last stop after everyone else had got off.

backpack when seated on the tube

  • on my back
  • on my lap
  • on the floor between my legs

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Standing in front of the carriage end door. Ventilation.

Unless it crowded and I have to push further in. Im not one of those idiots that blocks corridors creating pile ups by the entrance.

You’re getting these wrong. This needs to be multi-choice. Floor between legs for an empty carriage. On lap for one with multiple standees. Not out of politeness, but because my bag will get kicked to fuck.

thus the ‘completely free choice’ part. Obviously everyone other than a sociopath will abandon their personal preference when it impinges on others

It is a busy train and there is a heavily pregnant person who can’t get a seat and nobody is moving. They look disgruntled but haven’t actually asked for a seat. You too are standing in this scenario. Do you say something to the selfish seated bastards?

  • Sure I am the people’s hero
  • No I do not

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If I’m on for a while I’ll sit in the closest seat to the door that isn’t a priority seat. Otherwise I’ll stand in the little gap bit by the door but not in the way of the door.

Alright Khia

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  • Attractive
  • Attrative

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To have more room? That’s a thing I’ve heard people enjoy.