Travel expertise required: North / South London edition

My son will be 13 years old on Saturday and he only wanted one thing for his birthday: to go to watch Derby County v Millwall at The New Den at 3pm… ikr
Anyhow, I’m thinking of driving down at parking in Stanmore at the end of the Jubilee line. Trains are pretty regular down to Canada Water and it only takes about 45 mins.
Is this a good idea (the travel arrangements I mean; going to Millwall is obviously a stupid idea)?

This idea is fine


Yeah, that’s fine. Check the TfL website to see if there are any engineering works planned for that day though.

Says it’s OK.

Sounds solid.

You can go to the Fourpure taproom afterwards for drinks like a cool London person.

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Stanmore’s a classic spot to park for Wembley as well for coming from the north. Spurs are playing at Wembley on Saturday FYI at 3pm.

Should still be ok but just get there nice and early I’d say.

HB miniNV!

He needs to get back to Stanmore to drive his son home first

Oh yeah.

Scratch that then.

He’ll probably head to Fourpure once he’s done that though

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There are nice pubs in Derby, he can just go there tbh

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Don’t tell him what to do!

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I read somewhere that it’s now 5.30pm… Any Fulham/Spurs fans confirm?

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I’ll pass on your good wishes :+1:

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The fuck…??

I wouldn’t trust the Brent Tourist Board.

Spurs v Fulham is at 3 PM

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Can’t believe this is on Brent’s calendar and Hendon vs Farnborough Town isn’t. Talk about giving undue attention to the smaller fixtures.

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they’re good footballers brent


Just remembered something, make sure you have enough petrol for the drive and the return journey, if not there are loads of petrol stations about to fill up if needed.


Serious reply: the car park at Stanmore gets very full on saturdays. Go early.