Travel Insurance - in conjunction with Ryanair

Can anyone recommend travel insurance that would cover me in the event of industrial action?

I’m booked to fly to Prague in May for a weekend and I have a feeling the hardball holiday negotiations will result in more pilot strikes.

I must admit I assumed that would be covered as a matter of course. Isn’t it?

Whit, I’m off to Prague in may?!

Can’t believe you and Keith are eloping to Prague.


It strikes me as the kind of thing that would not be covered for some reason.

I should probably check.

When are you going?

I am also (maybe) off to Prague in May!

(Only if my mum and brother help me pay for it a it’s to go out and visit him, with her)

What dates?? If I go I NEED to escape my family!

I’m over on the 11th to the 14th for my…40th :weary::weary::weary::blush:


czech if you do, cheque if you don’t


Oooo same dates I think!

If the holiday was booked before strike action is officially called a decent insurance policy should cover you if it disrupts your travel plans.

Oooft, dinner?! :wink::grinning:

I’m over with a bunch of STAG LADS from 18th to 20th.

You go round the little Irish bastard’s house turn him upside down and shake the change from his pockets

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No fucking way are you 40 in May!

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He’s been 40 every May for the last eighty years.

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I’ll even have babysitters with me.

If I do end up going I’ll let you know and we can go for a drink.

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Aye yer right, I’m 47 :wink:

Haha nice