Travel question poll

  • 30 minute journey with one change
  • 1 hour direct

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  • Just buy a new helmet abroad
  • Wear it on the plane

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just you wait until March


My helmet will be packed in my luggage to avoid embarrassment


don’t do this, it’ll get damaged


I’m 100% doing that and not wearing it to board the plane


Also this is now the cycling thread


if you were getting my bus home, would you:


  • Get off a Stop A and walk (~10 mins)
  • Stay on bus til Stop B (~15 mins)
  • give a toss, mate

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best of luck not getting it lost or smashed


Walk all of it #FuckABus


Depends on how much of a faff the change is.


according to google maps, it is 5.5mi with an estimated walking time of 1h 51m each way

  • i would walk it!
  • don’t be silly, anthony

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I’d run it.


every day, both ways? chinny.


What’s your preference?

  • City break
  • Beach holiday
  • Outdoor activity holiday
  • Other (please specify)

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Mate, if it’s 5.5 miles why the fuck are you sitting on a twatting bus for it rather than getting a train!?


Do you have showers at work?

If so, yes.


i live in east london so i’d still have to walk --> bus/overground --> tube/bus

which would be more faff and costs more and wouldn’t save a whole lot of time


There’s an obvious solution here



in central london? no thank you.