Travel thread: Barcelona!

Gopal has shut down. :sob:

This was my exact experience too 10 years ago but not on my recent visit. Wouldn’t recommend it as a place for females to walk alone at night though.

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Was this dick referring to the city as Barça too? Cos really it only actually refers to the footy team.

thought I’d pulled twice on la ramblas, turns out both ladies were just after my wallet. if only they knew how poor I am.

biercab is good.

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Carrer de Tallers IIRC

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Bag o cans and sit on the steps at MACBA watching the skateboarders going down the big 4. Spent hours doing this when I was last there.


Go to the posh sushi place round the corner from mikkeller

I quite enjoyed the Olympic Museum up there too.

Record stores around Carrer Tallers (top of La Rambla) are pretty great

Good area in general for shops (clothing, handmade jewellery etc) if that’s your thing

Oh yeah, good shout. I’m in Barça for a few days on my own before Primavera so I’ll spend a lot of time doing that.

Honestly, that or sitting over at sants station were a great way to kill time. Also saw a few pros doing their thing (nollie bs nosebluntslide on the sants bench, mental)

I love love LOVE Barcelona. Went in Feb for my fifth time, and whilst there booked to go at the same time next year.

Is the easiest place I have been to have a good time, and has anything you want. No worries on the baby, you can go wherever you want and whilst your regular Spanish dude wont fawn like an Italian waiter (no better place to be with a baby - they lose their shit in their company), they will always be accommodating.

Lots covered already, but I really want to press how great the suburb of Poblenou is - basically the town side of the Primavera site (because it is important to orientate everything around indie). Is perfect, has its own beaches with bars, ludicrous amounts of great food and drink places, and not many tourists. It’s the best.

Then go eat and drink in Caravelle - man I had a lunch there the other day, washed down with beer brewed in the next room. Is very close to MACBA and gets a full ten Jimmy Huntspills out of ten.

Regarding the baby thing, we went to Milan / Como when our baby was pretty small, and the only place where anyone went crazy over her (actually took her out of our sight into the kitchens to show her off to everyone) was in a cafe run by Chinese people…

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Such a beautiful horizon

Ahh, very good. didn’t realise that was a spot. A mate of mine was skating professionally for a team in Barcelona for a few years, I should really ask him where to go!

The whole city is basically a level from Tony Hawk’s or something. Wish I went when I used to skate

Huh - Milan I can understand, bit snooty there, but Como I would’ve thought would’ve been prime shit-losing territory. Maybe a more southern thing?

In Tuscany we were getting upgrades in hotels, and staff laying on special plates of chocolate at breakfast, and in one restaurant a waitress asked if she could take my daughter and she did the next trip round the restaurant with her to show off to all the other tables. Was awesome.

She was however 18 months, and just walking so was super interactive. maybe they like a bit of that?

Yeah, she’s 14 months now so super cute (I would say that), I’d like to think she’d cause a fuss across Italy now.

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One older man, was in his little shop, saw my daughter, rushed out, turned the sign on the door to CLOSED and started cooing.

Honestly, they like kids like I like dogs.