Travel writing recommendations thread

Bit of a sucker for travel writing. Particularly enjoyed tim moores books recently - genuinely funny guy setting himself ridiculous cycling challenged (the cyclist who came in from the cold, with him cycling the length of the former iron curtain is particularly good).

Also weird encounters/rural/off the beaten tracks usa writing (eg stuff by martin Fletcher)

Finally, im into more serious semi-academic essays like black earth: russua after the fall, by andrew meier.

So… im looking for stuff that falls into any of those categories i guess, but any travel book chat welcome!

Thanks warny, I was going to start a similar thread, my favourite read is the whole personal odyssey thing. I read ‘This Road I ride’ by Juliana Buhring which is about a woman consumed by grief who decides to cycle around the world.its infuriating at times but still an ok read especially if you like cycling which I think you do?

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Assume you’ve read all the good Brysons (don’t bother with the most recent).

Guess Patrick Leigh Fermor, Bruce Chatwin and Laurie Lee are considered the classics.

That sounds up my street - cheers!

Robert Macfarlane is also good, on a travel / nature writing angle. Maybe some Iain Sinclair books too, though the area of travel is very specific - I guess more about the place than the journey.

Bought my dad the old ways, but not heard of mountains of the mind - will give that a go i think.

Yep, read all the (early) bryson. None of the others youve listed though.

Ever read theroux?

I haven’t, but I’ve heard good things.

I’m guessing you’ve already read Wild by Cheryl Strayed?

Judith! The Judith Chalmers Story by Judith Chalmers
Mother! The Judith Chalmers Story by that bloke who is Judith Chalmers son
The backs of the packets of Phileas Fogg crisps
Novelisation of Coming to America
Murder on the Orient Express
Something by that weedy guy with glasses who seemed to be the go travel guy for any TV appereances

Simon calder. Ignoramus!

Ooo, that works if you sing it to the tune of california uber alles.

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Simon Calder! Ignoramus!
Simon Calder! Ig-noramus!
Ignoramus! Simon Calder!
Ignoramus! Si-mon Calder!

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Why did I know the right tune for this immediately.

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Another shoutout for Bruce Chatwin here. Songlines is excellent (about Aboriginal Australia), but it’s only really half a book.

I just read a great one by Richard Grant (NOT the actor) called Ghost Riders. It’s all about American nomads. He spends time with drifters, mountain men, rainbow children, and RV-owning retirees. But beyond that, it also provides a fascinating alternative history of North America. He questions a lot of long-held assumptions. Made me see things in a way I’ve never seen them before.

Where can I find simon calder? I want to go and sing this to him immediately

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Yes! I read this a few months ago too. Loved it.

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Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. It’s like a book of that film, The Straight Story

but not really

He’s enjoying two weeks in the Maldives with Will Smith at the moment.

It’s the first time I’ve ever ordered a book cited by another book, because I wanted to read more.

It was about the Rainbow Children - had to get it from America.

which one?

My apologies. Wills Smith (I assume they are a compound plural).