travelling for gigs

ooft yeah, 2.5 hours without access to the facilities after gig pints would be rough …

Every gig requires probably 1hr 30 to 2 hours now if train and bus times work out. Will often skip or make last minute decisions now mainly based on knowing stage times or if I’m going solo.

Waxahatchee in Antwerp this year is the furthest traveled just for a gig, I did turn it into a city break in the end but I grabbed the ticket first. Done plenty of London to Manchester ones over the years travelling from Birmingham and coming straight back, don’t miss the late night coach home.

Manchester (RAP Ferreira), Halifax (boygenuis) and London (Grouper/Mirrors fest) all coming up, although remote working helps with extending trips like Halifax with a stay in Leeds for a bit.

Think with the Leeds and Manchester getting more than Liverpool is down to promoters years ago and how that ended up.

Leeds had futuresound and Nath at the Brudenell while Manchester had Now Wave, they’ve all got great connections exclusivity at venues while i don’t think anyone that came through in Liverpool at the same time has anything like the clout those 3 have.

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I used to travel to England/Scotland a bit more for gigs but I haven’t since before covid. Two of my best friends had long periods of living in London so I used to keep an eye out for good London gigs and use it as a reason for a visit roughly once a year. Later went to Manchester or Glasgow for the odd gig as I had friends there too. Glasgow’s nice because there’s the option of making a last minute decision and hopping on the ferry if the flights are too pricey.

Last ones I travelled for were Guided by Voices and Ty Segall in London within a few months of each other in 2019.

There’s been a couple since covid I would have travelled for but didn’t work out. Would have been tempted to go to Glasgow for Bill Callahan last year but it clashed with my sister’s wedding in Liverpool (doesn’t look like it was one of his stronger setlists anyway tbf). Would have been well up for seeing Spoon in London this summer but it was the same night as Arctic Monkeys in Dublin (which ended up being cancelled anyway ffs). Was up for going to Devo in Edinburgh next month and combining it with another Fringe trip but was put off by accommodation all being too expensive (and the gig itself tbh). I have a Devo-loving friend in London who will probably be going to the London gig so I probably should have just got a ticket for that before it sold out instead, oh well.

I think the furthest I’ve done is Brighton to Cambridge to see HMHB. It was an excuse to meet up with @anon50098204 though otherwise I’d never have bothered to travel that far

TicketSwap has a Devo London ticket up now, if you want to make a plan with less than two weeks notice

Classic anon50098204


Furthest I’ve ever travelled for a gig was to New York to see Cliff Richard. Not even joking. Was a bit weird, had a great time.


Oh no. Think I’ve made my peace with just leaving it now but don’t need the temptation!

Oh looks like they’re charging £77.55 for it anyway, no thanks.

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Did he play Devil Woman?

i was considering watching out for cheap day-of tickets, but booked myself up that day anyway - fomo, begone!

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He played EVERYTHING. (Plus a whole load of shit covers)


I miss him more with each passing day

Yeah I kept my Edinburgh options open for a while but I’ve gone and bought a ticket for Elaine Howley in Bangor that night now. £12.50, much more financially sound option.

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Was reading down through the setlist and was like “aww man no Wired For Sound” and then BOOM!



Pretty regularly. Would consider any gig in Bern or Zurich (about on hour on the train plus however long to find the venue) as “local” and wouldn’t think twice about going. Was the same with travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh when I still lived there.

Will travel further (2-3 hours) but then it’s an overnight trip as I wont drive. Will try and wrap this kind of thing into a weekend away somewhere. So if a band isn’t playing locally, I’ll try to work out the closest Friday or Saturday gig. Low in Lausanne last year and Bjork in Luxembourg more recently.

Just for a gig and nothing else, probably Glasgow to London to see the Drugstore reunion show. Was worth every penny.

I’m probably more likely to miss one just down the road here because I can’t be arsed to get back up off the couch than one a bit further away which I’m already prepared to get the train to in the evening.

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also getting less annoyed by bands who only play London (mellowing in old age??) as there’s so much on there it’s usually easy enough to turn one gig into two or three - my Hold Steady trip this year had Oneida added on as a last min decision, and if I hadn’t made Friday night social plans I could have grabbed a waitlist ticket to the Jazz Cafe too (Souls of Mischief)

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Fuck them and fuck London


I was at the Drugstore gig. :heart: (Although Mike looked really miserable so maybe some unfinished business there?)

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I’ve been to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Stockholm to see The Dream Syndicate. Went to Vienna to see Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3.

I’ve been to to various places to see Deerhunter - France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

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