Travelling for Work

I’ve been travelling for work a lot and a few times I’ve used it to meat up with some of you lovely folk (@elthamsmateowen @scout @xylo and others).

Anyone like it? I loved the novelty of it but now I’m on the road almost every single fucking week and it’s a nightmare.

Chat topics;
Favourite places to work
Good service stations/railway tips
What’s your expenses policy for meals etc

Favourite places to work - Really like Bristol. Reading was allright too I guess.
Good service stations/railway tips - Going first class is pretty nice. except for ScotRail.
What’s your expenses policy for meals etc get £25 a night including booze, plus £5 incidentals.

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Hate it.

Sent from Munich.

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I went to Iona, Mull, Gigha, Oban and Arrochar over the course of 5 working days a couple of weeks ago

8.25 for lunch
26 for din dins.

Loved it when I lived in Reading and got sent to Leeds for training as could meet pals/training.

Think it’s good as long as you’re not having travel between friday afternoon and Monday morning.

fucking hate it.



Well, depends on the weather I guess. :smiley:

Try 8.5 hours in a car on the M5 and M6 on a Thursday evening. Utter nightmare.

Also Im on flexi time so get paid for sitting on train, which beats getting paid to do work.

I’ve managed to travel to New York, Singapore, Madrid and Paris with this job.

I bloody love it. It’s always exciting and makes you feel well grown up.

I think there is a travel budget but I don’t really stick to it and don’t take the piss.


Will probably get to travel around Cork County a bit in the new job. Looking forward to that.

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Never drive for work purposes, or many other purposes.

what’s Kilkenny County like? That’s where my grandad was born. Are they all wankers from Kilkenny?

I’ve never stayed over night with my work - I’ve always travelled somewhere and back in a day.

I quite like the idea of staying overnight somewhere, tbh. Sounds comparatively exciting, especially as I totally rince hotel breakfasts.

My girlfriend has had quite a few overseas conferences in cool cities before. I like going to those and making a holiday of it.

fuck you mate i’m in saudi arabia


Family not the 2nd training ffs

Iona, Mull, Gigha oh I want to take ya to
Oban, Arrochar come on pretty mama

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One of my best friends and current housemate is from Kilkenny! I know a lot of people from there and they’re all nice folk.

It’s nice enough for a landlocked rural Irish county. Kilkenny City is a good city to visit and go out in and you can hire boats and go up and down the rivers in the county, up as far as the Shannon in one direction and Dublin in the other.

Oh, Dunmore Cave is in the county too. They found a load of Viking artefacts there in the 2000s and you can go on tours of it.


Travel all the time as part of my job, main reason I work in this role is to get out the office. Recent highlights include Paris and Dublin and I’ll be off to Antwerp and Barcelona shortly. I like being away and staying in hotels but I can see why someone with a family would hate it.

Enjoy going to Cardiff most of all for some reason, also go to Manchester and Glasgow an awful lot. It’s really interesting to compare how I get treated by the people I visit in the different cities. Liverpool it’s like I’m their new best friend the second I walk in the door. Cardiff and Glasgow always give me lots of hospitality too. Manchester, Oxford and London I might as well be dead to them.

Expenses is annoying as we don’t have limits, but I tend to spend no more than £8 for lunch and £20 for dinner. Often get subtlety reminded that by having an expensive tea I’m spending charitable donations.

Sent from Manchester…