Travelling to school


  • Driven by parents
  • Bus
  • Train / Tube
  • Walked
  • Other (Tram? Flew?)
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15 minute drive to the bus stop, 30 minute drive to school

That was secondary, we lived a ten minute walk from my primary and we STILL drove, partly because the roads were extremely dangerous there, partly car-brain

walked in primary

moved out to country, mostly got school bus after that but occasional driving in (when i’d played FF7 too long and had missed the bus)

Primary - walked
Secondary - bus, sometimes walked, really should have walked every day it was only about 20 mins FFS

Driven to/walked back from primary school.

Walked to and back from secondary school. Best part of the day tbh, just pissing about with my mates on the way to and from. Allowed me to seriously take the piss in fifth year where I’d just wait for my parents to be at work and turn around and go home.

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It was the only school in my town, and was 15 minutes walk away, so that’s what I did.

About half the students came from outside the town though, and if they lived within the (very large) catchment area and over three miles from the school, they were bussed in by the council. Anyone who lived in a village less than three miles away was expected to walk or be driven to school.

There was no practical public transport where I grew up.

Used to be driven when young, was allowed to walk when I made it to year 6. Then for at secondary I used the bus and then switched to getting the train for some reason, I think maybe I discover permit to travel and wanted to save my EMA money.

Primary - walked
Secondary - bus, very occasionally a lift with the RE teacher who lived next door if I cba with the bus.



Used to see a fair few school specific buses, think my sister used one

  • School bus
  • Any old bus
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The concept of a school bus is pretty wild when you think about it. Like school but it’s moving and there’s nobody in charge. Absolutely feral 90% of the time.


it was only a school pick-up route, so was a school bus in that sense

not branded though, so assume it went off to do other non-school bussy stuff inbetween

Ours wasn’t but my wife’s had a reputation at school for being absolute carnage.


also love the clear hierarchy of steadily working through the school years as you get further and further back in the bus


Walked to primary school until year 6 when I cycled. Got the bus (61) to secondary school mostly but gradually started walking more and more, was walking pretty much every day by the end

primary - driven by mum
secondary - walked

Used to get one of these, one of the drivers went around a roundabout 3 times for a laugh, he wasn’t called Mad Mick for nothing.


School bus for a couple of years then normal bus (plus a 20 minute walk).

Walk to primary and secondary.
6th form was bus then quite a long walk.

6th form - drove

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