Treasure Hunts

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt of any kind?

How about a fatal one?

No and yes, respectively.

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Got really excited when I saw this thread. Thought it was about Anneka Rice in a jumpsuit.

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Old People :- Does anyone remember Masquerade?

I think it was a picture book that came out in the 80s that had weird art and the whole thing was supposed to be a clue to some actual treasure the author had hidden. I think it was a big deal back then.

And I was really young when it came out so I’m basically looking at the @NoahVale’s and @1101010’s of the forum.

It can be, Richie!

Wonder what she’s up to these days. Hope she’s happy and she’s finally stopped running.

I loved that programme as a kid. Probably didn’t realise why I liked her in a jumpsuit so much when I was 10 years old though.

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She was on celebrity Hunted recently. Said she’d retired from the limelight because of press intrusion.

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there’s a lot of new bullshit badges available to a new user. Just scored my “onebox” badge. Very proud.

Fucking press and their intrusion. Hate those guys.

My parents had that book, and as a precocious child I took it upon myself to try and solve it. Gave up after about ten minutes.

Once had homework from art lessons to copy a painting in our house, ended up doing one from that book because I couldn’t find any other paintings.

To tie this to my post about Masquerade, she is a painter now.

I remember thinking I could solve it.

“Hmmm a hill that looks like a rabbit”

searches A-Z for “Rabbit Hill”

“Ok not that”


There’s probably a thread in pre-sexual awareness crushes (if it’s not already been done). Katie Hill, Michaela Strachan, my teacher Ms Bell.

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Peter Davison-era doctor who assistant Nyssa

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I was on a badminton coaching course at Lilleshall Hall around 1989 (ish) and they hid one of the clues in the gymnasts crash mats. Heard the helicopter land and saw Annabel Croft run past the sports hall. Went back inside and practiced my backhand

Never heard it called that before etc etc


Not heard it called that before

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Great minds m8 (though I’m assuming Noah left a deliberate open goal)

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