Treasure Hunts



ha. Filthy minds :slight_smile:

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Apparently the person who found it cheated! Bullshit.

open goal eh, eh, nudge nudge wink wink etc etc

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fucking hell. after all that graft I put in.

On 11 December 1988, The Sunday Times printed a story accusing the winner of the Masquerade contest of being a fraud. “Ken Thomas” was revealed as a pseudonym of Dugald Thompson, and Thompson’s business partner, John Guard, was the boyfriend of Veronica Robertson, a former live-in girlfriend of Kit Williams. Guard had allegedly convinced Robertson to help him because both were said to be animal rights activists and Guard promised to donate any profits to the animal rights cause.

The Sunday Times alleged that while living with Williams, Robertson had learned the approximate physical location of the hare, while remaining ignorant of the proper solution to the book’s master riddle. After supposedly finding out from Robertson that the hare was in Ampthill, Guard and two assistants were said to have started searching for it using metal detectors. After searching for some time with no success, they drew a crude sketch of the location, which Thompson then submitted to Williams as “Thomas”, and it was this that Williams acknowledged as the first correct answer.

It’s always the ex-girlfriends.

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Does it? Ahahahahaha

Can’t believe you let this chump back in.

She was no Anneka Rice tbf

Did she see your shuttlecock?

she was fit though. Again when I was about 15. Think I probably had a crush on her.

No but my friend had

and that had a prize you could claim apparently.

Pretty sure my aunt and uncle had this book, I remember flicking through it as a child. Don’t think I understood the concept though.

A few years ago I did a car treasure hunt (teams of two) over the Surrey and Kent countryside.

It was good fun and we ended up at the Botley Hill Farmhouse for dinner.

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My dad put together a treasure hunt for my 10th birthday in the local wildlife sanctuary, cryptic clues n all, best birthday of my life. I think he got mighty tired of the other attendees asking when he was going to do it again whenever they came around afterwards, though.

I seem to remember Texaco burying actual cars a few years ago and giving them away to people who found them.

that book is the most Theo thing I have ever seen.

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I associate treasure hunts with shit team building events where something has had to be pulled together with zero budget