Treat Yo' Self



What you treated yourself to recently?

I’ve just ordered these…


Cereal bar


Are they a shiny copper-y colour meo or do I need more coffee?


Bacon roll


They are shiny copper
I had a discount voucher so I saved £15. Been eyeing them up for ages now.


They’re really lovely!




Uh oh… this is bad. So far this year I’ve managed to not really browse online at all the pretty things and this thread is tempting me. Once I start I… can’t… stop…

*twenty stripey t-shirt purchases later*


ahem… in all seriousness I haven’t treated myself to anything for ages. It’s a good idea, I might do so today! :smiley: Will report back if I find anything. Oh and they’re lovely birkenstocks!! xx


From the breakfast buffet. Going to eat it usig my fingers later.


Oh god, the waitress just came and lifted it off my table with my empty plates :cry::cry::cry:


I also have a massive stripey problem. I seem to gravitate towards anything striped in shops!

Maybe just a small tiny treat? Like a nice coffee :slight_smile:


Just had an almond pain-au-chocolat from the coffee shop. Outstanding.


A nice B&B in Bristol for the weekend.

Some of these:


Aw, it’s a common problem people have I fear, but it’s an excellent one because stripes are brilliant :slight_smile:

I would love a new dress of some sort, so I’m going to keep my eyes peeled.


had a burrito yesterday. really want a switch but gotta wait til i have more money in

dunno why i replied to witches


Got two of the blueberry ones in our fridge :heart_eyes:

Have you tried the Liberte pouches? I enjoy squeezing yogurt into my mouth far more than is normal for an adult (banned act, etc)


I bought this for my holiday and have never been more in love with a dress


Need to be pretty money careful for the next few months, and I blew too much on beer at the weekend.

Only potential treat on the horizon is a pair of bluetooth headphones I’m thinking about. Haven’t done any research though, so don’t know how much I’ll have to spend.


I got a Nintendo Switch and Zelda as well.

There is literally no reason whatsoever why I deserved any form of treat let alone three hundred and thirty quids worth of treat.