Treat Yo' Self



AAAAAAH! I LOVE IT! I bet you look lovely. My favourite green dress is from there, I wear it far too much. Whenever I rummage on Zara I always see a million things I want.


Think I’ve run out of things I want


a moto g4 cos i was sick of my iphone 4 taking a million years to open spotify


Mostly pints.

Love pints.


Got some Weetos in the big shop and I really love Weetos


Cos you’re just a teenage dirtbag?




omg nope – where can I get them? always looking for more yogurty goodness.


Give me a little respect


I have those Bose Noise Cancelling ones and can confirm they have significantly improved my life.


Couple of weeks ago. A kind of late birthday present.

These guys:


I always find something in there! I get surprised with the price tho as sometimes its like surprisingly cheap and sometimes it’s overpriced for what it is.

I’ve now seen this one which I might have to get. FFS why did you make me do this!!



I had the coffee one of this the other week and its amazing!
Rebel kitchen coconut yoghurts


Haha, eek sorry!!

If it makes you feel better I’ve already seen loads I want…


Our Sainsbags Local are stocking them at the moment.


one of these (no idea which one)

no more plugging my phone in like some kind of CAVEMAN.


5 Deliveroos in March so far and no signs of slowing down


we got some of those USB plug sockets installed when we moved in which is better, I reckon, than wireless charging ballz


How much dollar?