Treat Yo' Self



She actually asked ‘shall I clear this away for you?’ And being a diser I just meekly nodded. :worried:


done yerself


Hello!? The Middle Ages called!! It wants it’s phone-charging method back!


They were a gift but I think there about £250?


i don’t understand how wireless chargers work

nb: i am not asking you or anyone else to explain how wireless chargers work


Electricity and lust.


is that the name of your synth album?


No, it’s Pavement lyrics you ignoramus!


take it to the music board, dork


Well that’s lucky because I haven’t a clue.


I literally cannot remember the last time I treated myself to something unless we’re talking one of these on Shrove Tuesday

otherwise I’m long overdue an auto-treat


That is one weird pancake mate.


is that a bread roll


I had 5 meals out last week - 2 were on one day. Had a pizza delivered on Friday on top of that.

Also had a takeaway last night.


Finally got around to replacing the watch I lost a couple of years ago.

Not that fancy - but I like it


cc @Jeremys_Iron

they eat pancakes all the time here

that is a …


Ooft, they look proper lovely. Like a bottom heavy cream scone.


yeah, they’re great

they even do them as wraps


Got one of these for my birthday didn’t I

I like it an awful lot.


I’ve got these! They’re brilliant for the price.