Treat Yo' Self




I’m really pleased with the sound quality.


that looks very nice


i really want a fitted leather jacket/coat



ok maybe just jacket :slight_smile:


picking it up this afternoon hopefully




nice - is it new/ 2nd hand? What kind of Strat is it? Give us the deets


Since getting my random unexpected cheque for £1100 I think I’ve done extremely well not to blow it on shit.

That said, I was planning to spend half of it on my divorce, but the number of stags/get togethers I’ve got coming up will probably mean the whole thing goes on finally doing stuff with people I like. Better than spaffing it on games/drums though I suppose.


ordered a Gibson Hummingbird. So excited i might explode



They look amazing, but a bit much for me I’m afraid.


Can’t afford treats atm, sigh.


that’s an expensive guitar!


yeah i’ve been saving for aaaaages and managed to get a decentish discount from a pal


new 50’s surf green mexican strat, bought it last saturday but had to wait to pick it up whilst i got the pickguard swapped for the pearl one


cool, let us know how nice it is on a scale of 1 to amazing


v nice. I have one of these in Sonic Blue and its the tits


aye the sonic blue is nice, i got a sunburst mexican strat a about 18months ago but again swapped out the pickguard and volume/tone controls so it looks something like this now


You should put some strings on it.