Treat Yo' Self



Want to buy a plane ticket to Berlin soon, just waiting on exam dates.

#82 - I also have a mexican 60s tele

Do you ever mess about with the wiring in your Strats? I’ve been meaning to change mine for ages so I have a tone control working on the bridge pickup, then the other tone working on the middle and neck


nah man i’m utterly dugshit at stuff like that, i got a local guy to change everything for me lest i fuck something up in the process!


oh yeah - I would totally get someone else to do it, just curious to see if you had tried it


Made chocolate chip cookies the other day and they were :ok_hand:


I suppose this is a treat! I just bought me and three other people tickets to this -

Tickets for Fri, Sat, Sun went on sale at 12 and a few minutes later they were all sold out. My hands are shaking!!! AAH!!!


alright beyonce


I have £200 what should I buy?




might have a burrito for lunch




33⅓ slices of toast


got one of these in tesco recently when it was reduced. wouldn’t pay full price for one but it was an enjoyable experience


is it like a frube?


pretty much like a grown up frube yeah. lots of yummy raspberry seeds in there





I just bought myself a lush massage as a birthday present and I am already feeling amazing just thinking about it! Yipeeeee!! :fireworks: :blush: :sparkle:


You’re going to come out of that smelling like a bath bomb.


Abandons this exact post


I know someone that worked there and she always smelled like lush and had speckles of glitter on her face. Like a pixie!