Treat Yo' Self



It’s pay day on Monday and I need new bras. So that. Is that a treat?


At a push(-up).



It’s not a snack that’s for sure.


treated myself to an overdraft extension today, so that was nice.


Bought a regular red bull instead of a sugar-free one.


a house



Thinking of buying one of these because it’s so weird:


should get a mahoosive paycheque mid-may, gonna buy myself a switch and zelda i reckon.


That sounds like great fun.


I mostly want it for the daft switch on it.


is it your birthday witches?


Sadly no, it’s soon though! Soooon. Get your party hats! I know you’ve got one always at the ready, japes.


Take my bras!! I’ve got a bunch of bras ive basically never worn that I’m trying to figure out what to do with them :confused: you get sites where you can send your bras off, right? I need new ones too! These are all the wrong size.



got myself a mirrorless camera ahead of going travelling and shit. gonna give it a run out this weekend


I like that I can see how many people have clicked on this.


They’re all probably me. I trusted you.


He’s a right dick, isn’t he?

The actual site is


What did you go for?