Treat Yo' Self



Sony a5100! supposed to be the best you can get in the price range, and John Lewis had it briefly reduced last week


Just treated myself to a microfibre extendable duster. I am on a roll.



Which one??
I got a well good bumblebee not long ago and it’s THE BEST


the Neko Case vinyl boxset has magically reappeared on her EU merch site - £149 for 8 albums remastered on 180gram vinyl… I think I’m gonna do it guys


Ooo bumblebee?? What’s that? I went for The Good Hour. It’s mad expensive but waaaah I wanted it and I’m using my upcoming birthday as an excuse to buy it for myself, not that I need an excuse really. Their spas are just so nice and the lady on the phone was so lovely, she probably could have got me to go for a more expensive one if she tried.

Also, speaking of bumble bees… do you like jewellery? I’ve been wanting to get a nice necklace and wondered if you or anyone knows of any good jewellery websites? I don’t wear any really except big stupid brooches and watches but I’d quite like a special necklace that I wear all the time. I was eyeing up Alex Monroes bumble bee necklaces but I figured I should double check what else is out there because they’re quite pricey.


Should I buy a rickenbacker 620?

  • Of course
  • No, be sensible

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normally think these guitars look really ugly but this one is gorgeous.


Yeah not a fan of any other rickenbackers


you should - but you may only use it to play in a Powerpop band


Or the Wendy part of Purple Rain



just went out and got a chips and cheese

plus mars bar plus coke

very degenerate but sometimes you just have to