Treat Yoself Friday


Could everyone pls treat themselves to something today. Doesnt have to cost money, can be big or small (wahey) but you must treat yourself by order of ESA.

Been off the posh coffee wagon lately so this wanky cappuccino is a proper treat.


Going to have a big glass of beer this evening I reckon


I think we’re going to have a Yard Sale pizza tonight (it’s 50% off this week)


Say whaaattttt :scream:


about to ca$h in my loyalty card at thee 'ol cafe below the office, one free cup of cino coming up.






Might book a Premier Inn stay tonight.



Got some M&S soup (chili beef, sounds alright) and a ‘veggie power’ thing of soya beans and habas fritas to munch on. Trying to eat healthily and all that so thanks for the heads-up about half-price pizza dammit


Might stay in bed a little bit longer



aww thanks Eric!


Oh balls - yesterday was the last day


Cant believe youve ruined treat day.


Definitely getting a wanker coffee if I head into town. Trying to fight the temptation to spend money I don’t have on wanker beer




That’s a hell of a breakfast