Treat Yoself Friday


Going to Tezbots later. Could get a Costa while I’m there, as some kind of anti-treat.


If you’re going to Tesco you can get wine and a cake and a card at the same time


Yeah that’s obviously why I’m going there in the first place.

It’s a very specific wine I’m after and I don’t think they’ll have it.


Got white chocolate and a bottle of fizz for afters, only way I can deal with the Cambridge->Liverpool Street line


Why that line? Cheaper?


Much. Also we’re kipping near Liverpool Street so yeah.


Me and Ryan are getting a Subway for lunch cos we’ve decided that we deserve it. Great lad, Ryan




Makes sense. Was really surprised how quick the Cam-KingsX line is when I came up last year. Godspeed


I’m in a nice cafe having a flat white and a brownie (they’ve run out of coissants and Danish, wtf?)

Weekend Selfies: Dev Alahan Edition

Everyone’s heard about treat day


Bought myself a smoothie as am 8 days clean from the caffeine and let an attractive Polish guy touch my body (physio)






Nice work @thesewoodenideas. You have truly treated us all. Please dont forget to treat yoself.



Wanted fish and chips all week and my wife made us hold out until today and it’s been torture and it’s now today and I’m quite excited


imma get a new guitar pedal and i’m really psyched about it


also i ordered a new boardgame