Treat Yoself Friday


what ya getting?


Duelosaur Island


I meant the guitar pedal lol
but boardgame looks cool/crazy too.


we need some fresh gear in the gear thread

Gear Wanker thread Mk II

Fuck’s sake, I bought records and books yesterday? Do I have to return them now?


I like snooping in the gear thread but as a novice it’s a bit intimidating as my setup is quite straightforward.




I believe yesterday was Kall-entines Day.
So you’re good.




we are all novices, just some with a bit of money to spend/ waste on gear (well I am anyway, been a novice for 30 years!)

I might post a pic of my new standing desk set up later


The treat for today can be listening to those records/reading those books.



duelosaur is a mini version of dinosaur island, also an incredible game. but duelosaur is only for 2, so it’s a bit of a lovey dovey gift for t’mrs.



I’m going to need to know more details of the pack of Percy Pigs please.


My GF is at yoga after work so I might get a nice bottle of cider and start on this!


I have just bought myself a pain au chocolat and a flat white as I am a sad boi today, but it has certainly brought me some joy today!


Just had a machine hot chocolate. This will be as close to a treat as I get.

To be fair I drank it making some sport videos for the weekend and listening to the Scissor Sisters. Life could be worse.


The best


cool design!


it’s going to end up being such a sexy pedalboard but it’ll take a year for me to afford to get everything


better keep that switch on chorus though :wink: