Treat Yoself Friday


because i need to get the ibanez fl9 as a separate pedal, exactly


I’m not a fan of flange

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Client brought in pastries for the office! Treating myself to a pain au chocolate


Took your advice and treated myself to a selection of chocolate-based goods including some chocolate milk, and something savoury in the form of a Not For Me, Clive pie.

Look at that total.



looking haggard as fuck. lets hope this coffee is strong.


That looks brilliant!
Im a sucker for how pedals look as much as sound so I’d be an easy mark for stuff like this:



Post of the week / DiSers out of context nominee



Just had two packets of crisps for breakfast. Going to have a really sweet tea next.


:metal: :japanese_goblin: :metal:



Ma heid’s birlin.


also just received a new cycling jersey from the postie. so yous are in for a treat later.


Taking 'er indoors to a very, very, VERY fancy restaurant for her birthday. My treat will be pretending we’re on the Trip and loudly impersonating Michael Caine for the entire meal. Lucky. To. Have. Me.


I have neglected to treat myself so far today. Hoping lunch brings great bounties (but not an actual Bounty).


I’ve had a really horrendous day so far

got really really bad period pains and I’m gonna be traveling for 24 hours straight

almost lost $2000 cash and the company credit card but managed to find it again (I’d dropped it in Boots)

so I bought myself a fiver’s worth of baklava and already eaten most of it


Ah that’s awful.
Hope the trip goes well and things start looking up (baklava points to yes)
Going to the USA? If so…


feel better soon!


gonna go buy a shitty horrible energy drink :nerd_face:


i’m getting a soup AND a salad from the salad man :blush:


That doesn’t sound like a treat bam