Treat Yoself Friday


no judging other people’s treats pls


I think bam should have something that isn’t



Looking forward to that big playlist?


Just treated myself to tickets to Teenage Fanclub and Anna Calvi gigs.


These things are crunchy and salty as hell, they cannot be good for you and idgaf



might get a katsu curry for lunch


I treated myself to this cupcake and gave money to charity in doing so. I think that cancels it out so I’m gonna treat myself to buying lunch and saving the bag of cous cous I brought in for next week.



I’m about to make one!


Fuck, i would love a cupcake.


can @Scout name me pls


All in good time Japes, these things can’t be rushed.


I have treated myself to one of those Naked smoothies that cost about £9.


it’s a necessary evil


Treating my bank balance as well. The chunks of ginger in this though lads :drooling_face:



Don’t normally eat crisps at all, let alone fancy ones, but since we’re all under orders to treat ourselves:


Free biscuit


oooOOOOooo kent!


Got cakes for the office at lunch.

Treat Yoself and those around you