Treat Yoself [Lunch]


brie and cranberry ciabatta for me. pretty delighted with it if i’m honest. have some burton’s fish and chips again as well. winner!

where bounce u lunchin’ huns?


Just fried up some left over roast potatoes with bacon, onion, garlic and chillies.


Lunching at the ‘HEART cafe’. Ham hock, cheddar, and ginger & plum chutney sandwich. Fentos ginger beer on the side.


I’ve not eaten mine yet! It’s a miracle!

Tuna Mayonnaise sandwich and a banana. That’s probably why, it’s a bit dull isn’t it? Need to up my Lunch game.


I’m going to have a veggie sausage bap


2, actually


been getting into bagels recently, might go for one of them.

never used to be a fan. felt like the hole in the middle was depriving me of essential bready goodness and i wasn’t getting my full money’s worth compared to a standard sandwich. have since discovered the increased density makes up for this.

thanks for reading.


(assuming that was the joke but still)


will you cut the sausages in half and flatten them out or leave them whole and round




leftover vegetarian shepherds pie


Sandwich thins with cream cheese and chorizo
Bag of Wheat Crunchies

Not really feeling it today and am quite hungry so could happily jazz it up with something off the salad bar, but didn’t bring any money with me :frowning:


Spenos meal deal for me.

Ham cheese and pickle sandwich
Pineapple watermelon and aloe Vera juice
Prawn cocktail crisps
And a cheeky Oreo dairy milk for later

Sat in the sun by a pond watching very aggressively defending their cygnets.


whole and round with a little butter for lubrication


Leftover burritos followed by a yogurt/ fruit desert.

I think I’m going to the park once Wor Lass has finished her salad.


salt beef, cheese, baby spinach and coleslaw sandwhich on hovis granary

will prob have some more iced tea and a caramel custard in a minute


Misery lunch followed by 2 budweisers in the sun
Bit buzzed now if I’m honest


A selection of three salads: heritage beetroot with goat’s cheese, quinoa with chickpeas, peppers and pommegranate, and caponata.

And a glass of albarino, obviously.


after walking around the Arndale the TV suggested getting a burrito. :heart:

I got a burrito