Treat yoself to a nice friday lunch and tell us about it

Absolutely starving already, thinking about what to have. Gimme ideas, pls.

It’ll be a Subway for me. Looking forward to it.

It’s fish and chips day in the canteen, so I’ll obviously be having whatever isn’t that and also isn’t smothered in cheese.

dunno what to have myself, will probably pop to sainos

Today it will be Yaki Udon Stir Fry in the work canteen. Restaurant quality, cooked in front of you while you wait. I’m almost salivating now just from thinking about it.

I’m at home so I have leftovers. I made way too much pasta for this.

Half way through it already.

Mix them together this instant, you fucking animal.

Was gonna get a massive bloody salad but I might go and get a Post Office Special instead

It’s fish & chips day in my work canteen as well. But it’s also stir fry day too.

Bowl of rice?

That’s too many days to have in one day.

Life’s too short friend.

You’re a disgrace. Would you eat a Muller corner like this?


not a lot treating yoselves going on tbh

I’m having a burrito and a cocktail later, give me a break ffs

funnily enough it would be a curry

I am a comic genius.

ha ha!