Treat Yoself


it’s almost friday lunch. letsby avenue.


I just had a 2nd breakfast of chocolate spread on toast so lunch has been delayed.




i feel i have to confess that i’ve got myself a dr oetker for lunch :pizza:



Should I have a light lunch now and a massive dinner in Norwich, or stuff my face now and get a pre-gig snack later?


I have bought in:

sweet potato pakora (+ hummous, grated carrot, rocket, sriracha mayo and sweet chili sauce) wrap

will nip to tesco for snacks: what shall I get???


I had one for Monday lunch and have to say… it was much more terrible than I remember them being


probs gonna have a :burrito: with pulled pork and haggis



  • light lunch now and a massive dinner in Norwich
  • stuff my face now and get a pre-gig snack later

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I’m also immediately starving :grinning:


oh my god yes the eggs!!!

samosa ain’t a bad shout either!


gotta be somewhere for 1pm so i’ll be firing up that bad boy pretty sharpish


1 x cheese and chutney sanga
1 x salt and vin mccoys
1 x 'suma
1 x peanut kit kat
1 x maple and pecan danish


That the tesco wrap? I had one when I was half cut and thought it was well nice, then had one sober it was just alright. Let me know what you think.


I won’t be having lunch until 2:30 annoyingly. It will be leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. Sweet potato and red onion spomelette, almond salsa and some smashed up avo and ricotta


nah, homemade innit


christ this is a very very strong packed lunch