Treat Yoself


that’s like a pnix level lunch


The danish is the ‘treat yoself’ part :yum:


Got some jacket potatoes in the slow cooker for lunch. Probably mix up some kind of spicy cheesey tuna mayo to go on top. Might follow that with a mint club if there’s any left.


Going to go for a beer and then to Pieminister.

CHOOSE MY PIE DIS HIVEMIND (cba to do a poll):



Free Ranger pls


That saag pie-neer one is :drooling_face:




Just about to tuck into this :seedling:

I think I’m about 30% pine nuts these days



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Try that new Kevin pls.


Fucking millennials.


Are you trying to lunch shame me Tandoh?


Thank you so so much for this important work (takes ages on my phone innit) x


Chicken of Aragon was always my fave. Make sure to get the mothership option, the peas and crispy shallots are tasty boys.


not at all! This is going to sound really disingenuous but I honestly hope you enjoy it.


Got a home made cheese roll. Gonna get some crisps and a Twix to go with it. Might also have some tomato soup.


sarky prick


Gonna go to the wanky coffee place near my yoga studio after my class because apparently that’s who I am now


Papu’s place Mediterranean chicken pasta salad



Someone’s booked a meeting with me over my normal lunch time, going to have to start blocking it out in my calendar with fake appointments