Treat yourself after you vote

got a bacon roll


Got some Calpol 6+ after voting and Dr’s. Have the day off as the cunts shut my son’s school again and now we can’t even go see Jumanji 2 which I had already paid for.

What a great day!

Apparently we’re now not doing coffee after voting but going to Ikea instead. I’m not really as happy about this.

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Got Tesco jam doughnuts.

They’ve got coffee there.

It’s not as nice as the coffee from the place we normally go on democracy days though

Daim cake?


Going to order this


On the bus home, gonna vote the shit out of labour


Gonna buy some ipas

Had a mini stollen bite and a half.
Might also have a bubble bath.

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Finally got round to picking up a copy of DiS favourite the Green Roasting Tin as a post vote treat.

Sooo…any recipes Dissers particularly recommend starting with?

Cook the reddest thing u can


You mean to say that after all that I’ve bought the wrong colour Roasting Tin?? Couldn’t fucking make it up…

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Ended up going to Ikea first, voting after, no coffee at all. Now I’m treating myself to, um, some work, might have a small rum in a bit idk.