Treating yourself to anything this friday?



Got a free Fanoush for lunch. Might smash a notorious B.I.G.H.A.M after a run tonight


free jazz lunch
free beers tonight


Half day beers with a few ATDs before Eurostar to Brussels. Where do I eat for lunch in Kings Cross pals?

  • Honest Burger
  • Pizza Union

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An enormous pizza tonight.


gonna go to agent provacteur see what’s looking good in the new season


Thought you didn’t wear pants?


Just get a maccies innit


Can you treat yourself to something free?


And you thought correct


Smashing one out under a trench coat? classic


gonna go to nankaussa before the opera


It’s payday so I feel like I should, not sure I actually want anything though


We could do a Bigham livechat thread tonight


they’re pretty chill you don’t really need the trenchcoat


Got the house to myself, going to eat a chicken Dansak whilst sat in my pants drinking beavertown


one of life’s unanswerable questions, that


Would be good mate, probs gonna be in the office chomping into yet another actual takeaway though innit.


might get a beer at angel olsen tonight


pizza union so much. work round the corner and go there way too often.


It’s 50/50 at the moment proffers! Knife edge stuff here.