Treating yourself to anything this friday?



honest burger isn’t that good though, and Pizza Union is bare cheap.


Probably less likely to be swamped at 1pm like Honest Burger inevitably will be.


would love to but can’t justify it.

desperately need tshirts as every one i try on at the minute is too short.


probably not


Burrito for lunch (Tortilla), few books for Kindle, might go and see Muncie Girls and Woahnows tonight.


As I said in the morning thread.

Going to a Harvester for the first time ever later.

Excited! Free salad and that!


I’m absolutely skint so I’m planning on getting out of the office as soon as the brass have buggered off, shoot off home for a bit of chilli and telly. Would have a blast on some gaming but I pulled a tendon the other week and it’s only just recovered (and I’ve got a gig on Sunday), so should probably give it a rest.


fucking loved a harvester night out back in the day.


literally the most exciting place in the world when you’re a kid. (guildford harvester)


what code do you write?


Couple of nice beers from my new employers, hoping a death grips ticket emerges


Never heard of React before or if I have I’ve forgotten about it which wouldn’t at all be a surprise.


amazed you’re not going to benito’s hat.

Wait, are you the burrito one, or is that the other one?


You’re thinking of @ericthefourth’s terrifying habit. I’d never obsess over a foodstuff.


yeah, I always get you guys mixed up. sorry!


We’re the new @meths and @Smee


Methsey-Kate and Ashsmee

EDIT: This doesn’t really work


@meths y-Kate and Ash @Smee


bought some records on the internet. topshelf records have a ~special code~ for $$$ off nai harvest stuff coz theyre splitting up (BYEBYENAI) and big scary monsters have a ~special code~ for $$$ off everything if you went to arctangent festival (BSMLOVESATG) so yeah.

treat yoself


A large soya coffee cooler. As is the Friday way.