Tree of the Year 2018

The nominees are:

The Camperdown Elm -

Netty’s Tree -

The Ecclefechan Tree -

The “Filo Pastry” Tree -

Malloch’s Oak -

The Flodden Tree -

Congratulations to them all, you can vote for your favourite on the Woodland Trust website and the winning tree gets £1,000.

More info on them all here:

Sick of trees

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Why do so many of those only come out at night?

I wonder what they’ll spend the winnings on


You’d be even sicker without them!

What’s a tree going to do with £1,000?

I hope the £1,000 is made from the losing trees.

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I’ll kill myself if Malloch’s Oak doesn’t win.

They’re charging $1.50 just to see 'em

I would branch out, but I’d be barking up the wrong tree

Trees are good, Trees are good. Every tree is good.


do you have to be scottish to vote? never seen an elm like that before


Looks like they’ve got separate competitions for the other UK countries (possibly with even better trees than above!):

It’s coming home!

I love this tree just down the road from me.


bit ‘showy’

It turns out that I think that post was good

Congratulations to Netty’s Tree, which won.

The spruce was, until recently, the only tree on the windswept island.

It was planted more than 100 years ago by the poet, priest and land rights activist Father Allan McDonald, whose best-known poem was Eilein na h’Oige - The Island of the Young.

Netty MacDonald lived on the nearby croft and encouraged all the island’s children to play on the tree as their cries and laughter reminded her of her own family who had grown up and moved away to work.

Netty died aged 88 in 2010 but her daughter Anne MacIntyre is back on the croft and continues the tradition.

That’s nice isn’t it. It will now compete with the winning trees from the other UK countries to see who goes into the competition for European tree of the year.


leave it our Tone (pun intended)
Took me a year to think of this