Tree of the year 2023

Tree of the Year - Woodland Trust

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  • Greenwich Park sweet chestnut, London
  • Holm oak blitz tree, Exeter, Devon
  • Cathedral foxglove tree, Lichfield, Staffordshire
  • Lakeside holm oak, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
  • Crouch Oak, Addlestone, Surrey
  • Manchester poplar, Manchester
  • Grantham Oak, Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • Chelsea Road elm, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
  • Plymouth pear, Plymouth, Devon
  • Sweet chestnut, Wrexham
  • Highland Gateway walnut, Perth
  • Belvoir Oak, Belfast
  • Library holm oak, Westbury, Wiltshire
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It’s the big beech tree in the woods behind my village. All year every year.

Just read Belvoir Oak has been disqualified after a failed drug test


like I’m going to vote for an Exeter tree


Judges are ‘at it’

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We’re hearing Jon Moss has issued an apology to the Library Holm Oak

Seen two of these in person, reckon one more and I could feature in a Richard Powers novel.

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not a looker in the bunch


oh Belvoir Oak is only a couple of miles from me, i should go and visit it

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I smell a good Friday selfie

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The Good Friday Selfie Agreement


My autocorrect working against me!

Belfast people pronounce Belvoir as ‘Beaver’
Dr Nick Rivieira voice:
“What a city!”


I only learned this from the robot woman voice announcing it on the 6C bus

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I had to go to a building there for work many years ago and asked someone if Bel-voir was around.
“You’re not from round here are ya mate?”

Not that long since I learned Cregagh Road is pronounced Creggy

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Oh aye another classic of the genre :smile:

Belvoir Woke

Cultra people:
“It’s pronounced Cul-traaaaawwwwww”

Bangor people:

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