"Trending on" (I'mnotevenon) Facebook

I keep getting drawn to this. And drawn particularly to the public comments people make. So far I’ve stopped myself from commenting on some random person’s Facebook post, but I can tell it’s only going to be a matter of time.

This sort of thing:

As a defence from a lot of this I wen through all my friends, culled a few and unfollowed loads of them.

Actually the most annoying thing is when I comment on a friend’s FB post and it’s public, which seems to mean all my friends then see this update in their feed and either comment on the post too or comment on my comment.

Yeah, it’s grim, but compelling. The next stage of things for me to totally avoid, after cutting out the Daily Mail.


Oh, yes I’ve done that. Unfriended two Trump supporters (who I have no relationship with IRL so I don’t feel bad).

These are comments from random members of the general public in relation to popular news stories. So they’re not appearing in my news feed; I’m going out looking for them in the “trending” part of FB. As @hip_young_gunslinger says, it’s the Daily Mail comment section but on Facebook.

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Yeah I have a lot of South American family and I’ve had to unfollow most of them as my feed was just full of pictures of the Virgin Mary crying and various saints with blood all over them accompanied by prayers or requests for people to comment “Amen” on the post.

I honestly never even notice that block. Isn’t it in the clickbait advert column? My eyes just naturally filter it out completely.



It’s just a column on the right. Fuck it.

Also in Mobile FB (I can’t be arsed with the app on my phone) you don’t see it at all.

I don’t often stray into it, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of me. Especially because it often just gives you a name that’s trending, and it’s like, well why is so and so in there, have they died? And then it turns out they’ve worn some weird shoes or something. So generally I also stay away from it, aside from the occasional hover over.

Proof we’re not THAT bad on this site with the unintentional death signalling.