Trends for 2019

What trends are YOU excited about for next year?

I’m interested in -

Grandfather Clocking
Statement bins
Edible bitcoin
Career ghosting

Think this could be my year to finally become an aspirational lifestyle blogger.


this is either not turning up for work and switching your phone off or working at a haunted house

either sounds alright


Salted caramel
Flat whites
Animal collective

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You’re gonna have to go into more detail on each of those pal. The people will demand it

are goths going to make a comeback in 2019?

NOT SAFE FOR WORK: PronHub’s stats for 2018

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They gonna invade the Roman empire again?


Goths no, 2001 style ‘greebos’ yes. I’m talking wallet chains, criminal damage trousers, baggy Papa Roach hoodies.


Drinking coffee in pubs
Artisan bombay mix
Neckerchiefs (neckerchieves?)

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Nu metal shorts?


Always love these stats. Lots of trends analysis, broken down by country, loads of stats about when and why viewing habits change. How top searchwords change depending on region is fascinating. I love how Spain is the only country where the top search term is ‘mature’.

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After the total dominance of the colour mustard in clothing this year (scarves, hats, tops etc) I’m predicting a similarly strong showing for pea green in 2019

Massive comeback for talking birds as pets - budgies, parrots etc


Tis true, this year has seen absolute dominance of Millenial Mustard. Sadly I only wend all-in in September so too late to be ahead of the curve.

mate - my post is quite clear

throw all your mustard clothes in the canal and get some pea green duds ASAP

Or upcycle them in to avocado pots. Either way don’t WHATEVER YOU DO wear them out in public.

Not gonna be happy if pencil-thin eyebrows come back

Following brexit artisan jams will be the big thing

The return of twist-spikes for men


Finally! I’ve still got a pair of gigantic jeans in my wardrobe for the day this happens. I may not have long hair anymore but I’m entirely down with bringing back the nu metal beard.