goes postpunk, features vocals from Marie Fisker, Lisbet Fritze, and the Savages’ Jehnny Beth and made his best record to date.
Don’t believe in the pretty mediocre and contradictory reviews already available.


I really like this album as well, although judging by the reviews it might just be me and you.

It is extraordinary the extent to which it sounds exactly like something that might have come out on 4AD in 1981, but that’s fine with me.


Its strange how the critics have really turned on him after The Last Resort

Will check this out.


Dismissing things because they ‘sound like Joy Division’ (see The Guardian review) is just really lazy music journalism. It’s like dismissing any bands with guitars because they ‘sound like The Beatles’.

The album is obviously very heavily influenced by early eighties post-punk but it really does sound like JD at all - more like the arty European bands on 4AD in about 1981 (Dif Juz, Xymox etc) but with elements taken from Trentemoller’s background in contemporary dance music. The songs are strong too and the vocals are brilliant


Its strange because that Ghost Culture album was well received by the guardian. Even if it did sound quite a lot like early New Order and other new wave stuff.


“His fourth album doesn’t really sound like a club set at all.” @ Q


The closing track is my new favorite one.


gosh golly i luv Trentmoller (and jehnny beth). checking out the new album now. he put together a playlist on spotify some time ago that hints at his love for this sound. artists include: The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc. no Joy Division tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Critics always hate people getting out of their boxes. For them Trentemoller is a techno producer (although his albums have not sounded like that for ages, if ever)