Trick or Treat Etiquette



How many items do you give per child?

Last year we didn’t have decent portion control and the greedy fucks hit us hard so we had to shut up shop early.

We have 150 sweets this year (haribo, lollies etc) which should see us through if we go one, maybe two a portion.

Just write some numbers and words or whatever.


Do you dress up to open the door Lonz?


One of the few benefits of living in a shit flat on a ring-road in New fucking Cross is no trick or treaters



Fuck off Halloween.


The best etiquette is not to do it at all.




I do not but I will be accompanied by this fella:


Just ignore them and then they can’t hurt you.


How about you stop marrying americans.




She politely asks you to stop appropriating her culture.


Depends on the items really, smaller sweets bung them a couple.

Anything after 9pm and they can do one.


You heard!!!


Foolishly I decided to get my weekly shop delivered tonight so have no choice but to answer the door.

I may give them some grapes.


at least put on some trousers ffs


Enjoy your egging.


I’m in my fairly small hometown, don’t think we’ve got much in so do I -

  • Fob any newcomers off with After Eights (possible egging)
  • Go out and buy some more sweets

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live in a flat so don’t get any guisers.

but if i lived on a street with loads of kids of course I’d get some sweets for them


Someone got shot in the head a few weeks back on my street
Egging is the least of my worries.


Where I live you won’t get any coming round unless you have a lit pumpkin or some sort of decorations up.