Trick or Treat Etiquette

Let’s hope they don’t burn your shed down!

Definitely one of the benefits of living in a flat in a building filled with other yuppie scum. That and no politicians/Young Conservatives knocking on our door come election time

is that when you were out of town?


bought a box of celebrations and a bag of heroes for tonight but I think that we’ve only ever had trick or treaters aound once or twice so the chocolates are probably for us really.


People with kids.

that shed is barely standing as it is

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Alright, joanna lumley in James & the giant peach

Decided to turn the lights off just in case.

There are loads of groups of kids on our road. When I got back there was a group of 20 that must’ve just knocked as they were a few houses down. I’ve only got about 40 packs that’d been half gone in one go.

The cats are hiding in the wardrobe. Probably a mixture of people knocking and a few fireworks.

87 replies! ffs!


although i was planning on not answering the door all night (i went out for a walk and i had to be very careful when i got back to my street that there were no kids approaching my house when i went to the door) my housemate actually went and bought stuff for the kids as he didn’t want to have to keep hiding from them. we’ve only had one more bell ring since i got home so probably some leftovers than i can eat.

while i was out there were some kids with their parents walking up Botanic Avenue trick or treating random passers-by. they were duly ignored by all.

Probably only got rid of half of the stock and am now left with a shit tonne of non-vegetarian sweets… aaarrggghh! True horror.

I bought some sweets from M&S in case some kids knocked. Not a single child knocked.

On the plus side, I now have a huge bowl of veggie brains.

How do they work?

No-one knocked on our door. We have a lot of sweets going spare now.

didnt buy any sweets, no one came anyway. complete result. saw some kid going trick or treating in the corner shop, called him a cheeky shit but i dont think he heard me

Jesus Christ would probably put up Easter decorations maybe Xmas at push

Got a massive surplus of trick or treat stuff. Massively overcatered, and then was too stingy with the first callers. Upped my generosity levels later but it was post peak. Didn’t want to take any chances after getting the windows egged last year for running out too soon.

My favourite bit of trick or treating I ever came upon was a couple of years ago. I used to live next door to the people that ran the local shop. Went to buy the loot, and their kids followed me home, waited for me to get in and close the door, then instantly hit me with the trick or treat. Probably took the stuff back to the shop to sell on.