Trident failure & Theresa May



So Theresa May was briefed about Trident failure and then led Parliament into renewing Trident without briefing Parliament about Trident failure

how do we (you) feel about that then?


It’s a vote of no confidence in the old witch for me!


I’m more of a wrigley’s fan tbh


Maybe she felt like the missile choosing to try to take out the US instead of West Africa was a sign that it was was thinking more clearly than most people in charge?

Clearly I am anti-nukes so personally this is just utter bullshit on top of utter bullshit, but it’s not like Parliament was ever going to to avoid us paying stupid money to keep a nuclear deterrent so in the scheme of things it probably didn’t achieve much.


Not massively different to my general gut feeling always having been that the prospect of nukes ever being used by accident or design or ‘legitimately’ or not is absolutely terrifying


well I dunno

seems as close as can be to a cover up against the public interest (purse)


Should’ve used it as extra reasoning to replace it - “We need a new one because this one doesn’t work properly look”


Can someone make a viral infographic about money spent on trident vs. EU vs. NHS please, ideally with some heavy handed satire on top


aw, come on guys. she was just presenting some alternative facts.


Dreadful and worrying form. But I doubt it would’ve had any firm influence on the vote so inconsequential in that regard.

Seems a lot of people who have worked with May cite her lack of transparency and control freakery an issue. Not good.


Honest answer here. I think it’s pretty shocking that this is going to blow over in a couple of days (if that) such is the way of the media these days.

Like, I get the feeling if this had happened to Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher going back, something like this would have absolutely finished them. Now all May has to do is avoid the question, put some shame on Corbyn for being a pacifist and all will be well in a couple of days.

And that’s aside from my leftie views on us spending billions of pounds for a weapon that is now known to have the odd wobble. Totally fine. :unamused:


This is the moment Corbyn has been waiting for to well and truly get on with it.


that would have gone well!


I’m worried about this becoming an actual thing. It borderline is already.


y’see, this kind of line of reasoning makes it all the more baffling to me as to why she’d need to cover up the fact in the first place - could have just as easily spun @urbanfox’s reply above too (I’m not even joking)

loony behaviour


Trump has meant Trident’s staying forever really. She might as well have started testing in the home counties or something, nobody will give a toss now.


I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this had swung the vote even more in the favour of renewing Trident. Can see some MP’s thinking “oh, it’s broke, lets pour even moar money in so we can fix it!”


Silly little woman! cant’ even fire her spud gun properly, American missiles! are the greatest. SAD.




it’s all pretty terrifying. given their form just in the first 3 days(!) of trump’s presidency, it seems like them pushing for a state-controlled press can’t be far off. and for all may’s posturing about standing up to him, she’s clearly going to just roll over and then come home feebly bleating about the special relationship.