"Tried and tested" any formulas lately?

Use this thread to discuss any formulas you’ve “tried and tested” in the last 10-12 days.

const style =

      '[style="transform:translateX(' + (selectedBars - 10) * 10 + '%);"]'

It worked!

Wow! Congratulations, my dear!


Formula one: Didn’t really like it unforch

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Well, you tried it, you tested it and it was found wanting.

(I think this is the final line of A Knight’s Tale)

Have i tried and tested a forumla if it is already a tried and tested formula Ant?

Yeah, I think the phrase “a tried and tested formula” relates to formulas that undergo continuous trying and testing. It essentially means “we’ll never know if this works so let’s keep at it eh!”

Sausage + nice bread + HP sauce

A great formula for a nice sausage sandwich which i tried and tested

That sounds like a “winning formula that we should continue to try and test”

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Formula E.

Good stuff.

What in the world is Formula E?

Like Formula One, but not boring. And the cars are electric.

Oh I see, well I have to say, in this case the ‘E’ could just as well stand for ‘Experimental’! This feels a million miles from “tried and tested” I’m afraid.

I’ve not tried and tested anything lately, let alone formulas

To be fair to you, you’re a “free spirit”

Thanks very much, agreed

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