Trimming Your Nasal Hair Mega Thread 2018-2020

It sometimes dawns on me that I need to trim my nasal passages. Just did it in the bogs with the scissors from a Swiss army knife. Have plucked before but that is uncomfortable, tickily and sneezy. Other than zxcvbnm has anyone used a trimmer? Are they worth it? I haven’t had to venture to the ears as yet.

So like what’s your flavour?

Of course I have. I’d have two small trees merging with moustache junction otherwise

Scissors, trimmer, plucker?

Trimmer. I’ve got the pain threshold of Neymar so no way could I pluck. It’s alright, you know. Maybe have to do it every 3 months? Leaves nowhere for your bogies to hide though so get ready to embrace that

Got one of these Philips nose hair trimmers

Kinda wish I’d never started as it’s so much worse now than it ever was


Yeah but now they can be suspended in mid nostril for all to see, sort of like a trap from SAW but for bogies.


Yeah, I’ve got a cheap one that comes out every few months when I look in the mirror and think that things have got too bad. I’ve had it for years and I’m sure it’s not an expensive one - it takes double A batteries rather than faffing with plugs and chargers and stuff.

Is it worth getting an expensive one? I doubt it - it’s not like you need it to be super smooth inside your nose like you’d want your chin to be.

That is the dilemma…

My beard trimmer has a ear/nose attachment, so I use that.

I can’t imagine life without my trimmer. Every six weeks or so have a pop on the nose and ears, nostrils so much better for it.

They cost less than a tenner lonzo, just buy one. Satisfying to use too as you hear the hairs get cut in half like the swines they are.

Luckily they will never stop making nose trimmers and it probably takes a couple of minutes? I’m happy to live with the misery of having to do it with increasing frequency. Like a good groom, I do.

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I used to have one of those, good choice, easy to clean.

Trimming your hair doesn’t make any difference to the rate or thickness at which it grows back.

Haha are you putting bogies in your ears? Snot eared IDIOT

Is that… bad?


Yeah dots one is £10 but the first question troubles me:



But you’ve never seen my hair!

I mean maybe, but I imagine there would be more efficient ways

I also enjoy this question:



What the fuck?


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