Trimming Your Nasal Hair Mega Thread 2018-2020


Woah-oh black nose hairs, bam-a-lam


Are you sure you’re not looking at animal fur shampoo?


Last one:



at least once a fortnight for ears and nose. You’d think I was 63 not 43. Plucking from the nose makes me cry, I’m not gonna lie.


I saw a lady getting her nostrils waxed. They put a big dollop of wax on a kebab stick then put that in your nose and you sit with this huge stick hanging out of your nose and then it dries and they tank the stick out


That sounds fucking awful.

Have now ordered a trimmer.


Weird place for hair to grow innit, what’s the logical end point of it?


I guess there is always hair round places that have stuff that can fall out of them like your bum’ole.


Shit, should not have revealed the title of my thesis.


You reckon the purpose of hair around your bumhole is to catch the poo?


Maybe slow down its descent?

I dunno, I’m not God or Darwin.




My nostrils aren’t too bushy, but there’s a specific bunch of about three or four wiry hairs that grow inside the front of my left nostril and i can hardly ever get them. Every now and again i’ll be having a rogue pick and i’ll get hold of them, then it’s a panic to “GET THE SMALL SCISSORS, QUICK, FFS”.

Also have a small clump of them inside my right ear which it’s really nice to trim every few days, but i fear i’m fighting a losing battle.


Think this happens in an episode of Queer Eye too. Horrendous.


trimmer, plucking the things out altogether is bad for you, nasal hairs have many valuable functions.


Trimming your ear hairs is tough because you can’t see it and some of them are only visible in certain lights. I’d like some mirror / lighting contraption that makes this simpler.

@blonzo are we cool talking about ear hairs in this #megathread too?


Can be used as currency in prison


some trimmers are really crap though.


Oui, bien sur.

I also have a very fine hair that grows clean out the end of my nose. It is pretty much invisible unless the light is just right. Then my wife tells me that my nose hair is back and I pluck it. Then the twat grows back again.


I’ve developed an obsession with stroking my ears trying to find coarse hairs.

I still remember the day I first found one and thought “oh great, another nervous bad habit to add to the list”.