Triple Birthday Threat Evening - 9th Mar

We’re probably watching Us.

Happy Birthday to anyone with a birthday today!

How about you?

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hi Keith!

finish Call My Agent s3, eat some carbonara. should probably shower, should probably pack

Thinking of reading. (something not on the internet)

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Just threw some fridge bits into some cous cous, topped it with half an avocado and some sriracha and it was absolutely glorious :yum: :drooling_face:

Literally nothing happening here. Might read my book.


First version of Wiley lyrics before he discovered antisemitism?

Beer and films for me.

I’m getting a salt beef sandwich and chips Deliveroo-ed very soon which I’m excited for.


Here it is


Just had a Chinese. Gonna watch more King Of The Hill. That’s all.

I’ve gone to bed already. Not even tired.

had leftover beef shin from the weekend on toast with poached eggs. damn tasty but very rich, really need to lie down and slip into a food coma.
might start masterchef.

Hope all the birthday-havers have had nice birthdays.


Ordered and received a McDonald’s within 11 minutes which is pretty impressive considering my phone tells me it’s a 12 minute round trip.

Going to watch shit tv until I can bring myself to go to bed a la every single other evening for the last year


Evening everyone :wave:
Having a glass of red and sat folding clothes and getting on top of laundry. Basically my wardrobe is full of, for lack of a better word, utter crap, so my clean clothes live in a giant pile on my bedroom floor. Anyway I’m finally folding said giant pile and will perhaps clean out my wardrobe tomorrow. Maybe. Need to order more clothes hangers and stuff for a start tbf. Wish I wasn’t quite so messy but here we are. Tempted to order pizza.

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I thought my tea (roasted red cabbage and croutons from GRT) was good but some of you have brought out the Billy Big Guns food - beef shin? salt beef and chips? How dare you!

Evening the fridge leftovers and McDs sound good.

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That’s a pretty random dinner

I want some wine too.

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What did you get in?

The cabbage is meant to go crunchy and you serve it with some green leaves with a lemon and garlic dressing. I’m not really doing it justice but it’s good.

Same same.

Had a tea
Got some choc orange buttons in the fridge.

Still got some work to do.

Had excellent cauli cheese for dinner though so that’s good.

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How has school been?