Trivia Time

According to the official UK book sales charts, which have been active since the late 1990s, only two books have appeared among the top 5,000 titles for all 1,229 consecutive weeks.

What are they?

(I can tell you now that the Bible is not one of them)

The Hobbit?

Harry Potter, and Harry Potter II?

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I am an office worker



One of the Paul mckenna/Alan Carr ones?


The Highway Code?

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Sadly not

the ikea catalogue

The Bible
The Bible II: The Bloodening

A good idea, but wrong.

Is it the one with the sex positions?


I already said it’s not the Bible

oxford dictionary

One of Delia’s books?

Guinness book of records?

Is it who’s who? Do people buy that en masse? Do they still make that?

One of them fucking harry potter thingys