Tropes you are over

“i hate him, he’s such a blah blah blah he’s standing right behind me isn’t he”


When someone has to make a decision, and then has several coincidental conversations where the other person says something that makes them change their mind.

Self aware sarcastic fantasy fairytale characters.

We’ve all seen Shrek, it’s been 22 years, stfu


Oh oh oh! I remembered the worst one.

Main character makes speech at important event in someone else’s life (a wedding, parents anniversary party, someone’s big birthday) all about them because they are the Main Character


Midway through a horror something really bad happens and then the character wakes up and it was a dream

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Wonky science explanation for vampires :sleeping:

They’re VAMPIRES, lean into it for the love of god.

Also, trying to justify silly superhero costumes with a good reason. “No, Alfred, these are not bat ears, they are 5G receivers”, you’re BATMAN! You have bat ears because you dress as a bat because that’s fun for us.

“Oh no Lois, you misunderstand, I am not wearing my underpants on the outside. Actually on the science planet of Krypton our people all wore these reinforced led briefs to protect them from being kicked in the balls when battling Zod”, man I’m at the end of my fucking rope with you.


Yes that’s a good one. Which then makes me think of when the two best friends of the main characters hook up. They look at each other, shrug and start snogging. After all they’re only the supporting characters, they have no inner lives of their own. Their lives simply revolve around the main characters after all.

  • I love it when people wake up and it was all just a dream
  • I hate it when people wake up and it was all just a dream
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Not so much a trope but I can’t stand love triangles involving siblings.

Faceless bad guy bodycount

Top Gun Maverick was the absolute nadir for this. Of all the ‘baddies’ that got wasted in this film, I’m not sure that a single one of them had a face (of the ones we saw, they were all wearing black visors and helmets). I don’t want to get all Clerks Death Star, but also who was working in the plant they blow up at the end? Presumably faceless bad guys that deserved it.

Guy Richie’s latest Covenant is bad for this as well - think that every bad guy killed is wearing a face scarf. Therefore don’t count as people.

It’s all part of easy death justification rife in US films. Need to protect yourself in any situation? Just shoot the antagonist and don’t feel bad about it/think about it ever again/suffer PTSD…


always assume that’s a cost cutting thing, so the same four or five stunt guys can play multiple baddies

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so they can sell the film to overseas markets without them shooting down the market theyre pitching to.


An offbeat secondary character whose lack of social skills mean they just blurt out the secrets that everyone’s thinking!

(Currently rewatching season three of Seinfeld in which Kramer is particularly bad for this. “You just need a nose job” etc)

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two people want to talk to each other about two different things. the person the audience is meant to root for insists that the other person goes first. the other person says something which contradicts what the first person wanted to talk about or otherwise renders it moot/inadvisable to say. the first person then pretends they didn’t actually have anything to say or it wasn’t important.


  • Person A: I’ve just met the most incredible man in the world, I think I’m in love. Now what did you want to talk about?
  • Person B [who is madly in love with Person A]: oh nothing…

just spit it out man. no-one takes turns to talk in real life

Not sure Covenant was ever going to do much business in Afghanistan tbh tbf :woman_shrugging:

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4th wall breaking acknowledgment of their own tropes, usually letting them play out anyway with some smug self commentary


Gay men and lesbians hating each other for some reason.


People becoming death, the destroyer of worlds


When there’s some setup, then some mild peril, then the mild peril is overcome, then there’s some moderate peril which bests the protagonists, then there’s some soul searching/character development, then there’s some major peril which at first looks like it might be a big problem but then it is, in fact, overcome by the protagonists.

Sexual assault and/or loss of a child being the origin story/plot driver of a StRoNg FeMaLe ChArAcTeR