Trophies you have been awarded

Time to brag!

I have been nominated 3 times for the organisation’s staff awards (Creativity category). Shortlisted - 0 times!

WV-HEDW International Fraternization Tournament 5th place (x2)

The Feline Rectum Award

It was a catastrophe


Cat Ass Trophy



Malborough Primary School One a Side Football Tournament Winner 1996
KM United U11 Player Of The Year 1995
A signed Southampton FC pennant for winning a school bowling tournament circa 2000

I collected an award from DiS favourite Vernon Kaye in the last year or so.

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think i might have got a generic football one at school - but everyone got one, it was just for taking part in football.

ive placed on the podium for a couple of bike races, but never got a trophy for it

the people that win do stuff like “embed values” which is obviously meaningless. I design stuff that saves about £40k a year and a load of trees but don’t get shortlisted!! FU! #notbitter

I have to admit, I was nervous about the spoiled content there.

I won a poetry contest when I was 13

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Comedy Virgins open mic night winner at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. Probably the height of my creative career.

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I won a POOetry contest when I was 13 (months) (a baby)

Mine was an eisteddfodd entry :yawning_face:
Got a nice wooden shield for being a ‘bard’ though

Wales eh


I didn’t understand most of this

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I have it all but confirmed that I am to receive the @zorb Excellent Thread Making Award 2019

The biggest trophy of all: man


Around St Davids day a lot of welsh schoolkids have a big song and dance and poetry slam jamboree

Imagine it being like inverted sports day but somehow worse