Trophies you have been awarded

Way to make us all look like smalltime chumps Scout!

That’s very cool, I’m impressed

How unusual!

I’d love that badge! How do you get that badge?

I believe you have to be a good boy

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Won AQOS at my very first attempt.

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I’d only want this if there was also an equivalent badge for other genders. But I do actually want it.

Sorry but you have to be a very good boy and as far as I can tell you’re just a very horny boy and nothing more

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(bit more info:

For extreme endurance - the rider who has most embodied the spirit of the late, great Barry
Covington, ie. they have ridden distances that most of us would consider appropriate for air
travel with great style and class.

Bazza was a Penge CC member who died while riding his bike far a few years back)


I’m not. I’m too weary today for all that sticky business. I’m a good boy.

this is the badge i want


Oh right, I’m trying my hardest!

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One day. You’ll get there.


1st place egg & spoon race
Runners up rugby shield Mid-Glamorgan
Oscar for best actor
Most symmetrical nipples 2011

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Happy with these tbh

Yeah, but awards are just money making PR nonsense (for the award givers) anyway. It’s such a racket - charge every £80 to see if they’ve won something made up.


Shield winner or runner up in the shield?


Those teams that lost their cup tie got into the shield, we got to the final of the shield and lost.

I don’t really understand it, but I do have a trophy

I have captained a shield winning rugby team. Yes. Got to miss rehearsals for Oliver! because of it.

Not gonna mention all my trophies as they go to another school and you wouldn’t have heard of them


My mum had a trophy for Manchester & Regional table tennis mixed doubles junior champion 1960

And my mother in law has a trophy for coming runner up in the ‘Miss Uddevalla’ beauty pageant 1964