Tropical Fuck Storm (Rolling)

When I’m abroad. The bastards.


Hell yes!

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Thought this was the snow thread

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Someone should let them know that the middle of our country isn’t an uninhabitable wasteland like theirs safetywink so they don’t only have to play shows on the coasts.

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Just noticed they’re playing The Hug & Pint. It’s miniscule. Thought they’d play Stereo, or at least Sleazy’s.

Even got a day there on the 12th/13th/19th they could play :confused:

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Genuinely thought this was Brexit related.

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New single tomorrow

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If they sell out they might add a date then.

Probably won’t sell out though.

Going to the London date, excited!

Not their most memorable tune is it

Added a Liverpool date on May 14th if anyone is interested

I know someone called Matthijs and now every time I hear the chorus of this beast, all I can hear is “You let Matthijs down” and I wonder how these Australians know him and what they did.


Next week’s London date moved to Dingwall’s.

Islington Academy date announced for November…

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Also playing an all dayer on 12 may ICYMI

Saw that - all day Australian BBQ :scream::scream::scream_cat:


Nice, big fan of dingers’

Just checked, and I have not been there for literally 19 years :open_mouth:

Just saw that these guys were playing Great Escape on the same stage as Wooze, Pip Bloom and Self Esteem who were 3 bands I wanted to see. I’ve quickly become obsessed with them since last night, love their stuff! Also turns out they’re playing the aussie bbq part of great escape as well with Confidence Man! Fucking ace times ahead