Tropical Fuck Storm (Rolling)

hmm don’t love this

Not sure where’s best to post this

But just gutted to hear about the passing of Mike Noga

Key member of the Drones best output

Just an all round nice bloke as well, so sad


Very sad news. Only 43, no age at all. Haven’t ever listened to his solo stuff much but what I have is good and I fucking love those Drones albums. Looks like he had a new one due to release soon produced by Alan Sparhawk from Low.

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I mean, Tropical Fuck Storm are just fucking GREAT aren’t they?


new song premirere tomorrow

new album due out August 20


:tropical_drink: :eggplant: :cloud_with_lightning:


Excellent emoji work

i’m somewhere between it sounds pretty good and kind of more of the same, hopefully it’ll be a grower though

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New album out 20 August.

EDIT: D’oh… Just saw ericVII mentioned this in his post.

I love TFS but this is not my favourite of theirs

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wow, braindrops is a lot better than i remembered. dunno why i bounced off it so hard. in a proper drones, gareth, TFS mood now.


I need to get stuck back into them and listen to the albums all over again. I have a feeling I thought Braindrops was more consistent but maybe lacked the absolute best stuff

Very underrated album. Think I prefer it to the debut.


another newun premiering now

I had a 6 months TFS/Drones bender at the end of last year. Fucking fantastic, all of it.

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Increasingly of the opinion that these guys have made the best guitar music of the last 5 years.

My daughter loves them too. Thinks they’re called Tropical Fun Storm. Might be an interesting conversation at some point over the next 18 months.


The guitar tone and the lyrics are delectable to me. Really sort of intensely sensory.

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Yeah - the walls of background noise they seem to be leaning into as well just hit all the right buttons for me. Plus they seem to be angry about all the things that I’m angry about and willing to rant eloquently about them over music.