Tropical Fuck Storm - UK tour

Loved Confidence Man live at APE last year. GBOAussies

Yeah, theyre so nuch fun live, saw tgem at Great Escape last year in a pub at 2pm and the place was wild, massive party despite the hangover slot

Yeah they were hangover slot at APE 2018 too, worried for their sakes that they’re getting a rep for being good pickmeups and getting unfairly low spots as a result

Tbf theyre headlining theor stages this time :slight_smile: they were still kinda new on the scene back then and didnt have their album out yet

Even better live than I’d expected.

Have to say, I expected them to play more new songs though.

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Album no. 2 announced, another new track

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consistently great artwork - love the cover for the new album


One of those odd ones where all the individual elements are a bit shit, but the overall look is great.