Troubling DiS dream (SSP)

So basically, my dream was that we were all together in some sort of university building or community building and everyone was really really sad, and some messages had got shared the night before. We were all staying there, and in the morning we all got kind of communed in the lecture theatre where one of the board members (I couldn’t possibly tell you) said that we all had a lot of time for two board members in particular - and weirdly enough I remember both of their usernames one was called aa (that was a man I think) and one was called payit4waad (woman) and it transpired that they had some sort of suicide pact and had both killed themselves and we were all trying to deal with the aftermath and it was really horrible, really depressing, and given that I’ve only been on the boards for like a month if that I’m wondering whether it’s a sign that I should possibly cut down my activity on here!!

All thoughts appreciated on this. Was very tentative about posting, but it’s been pretty much on my mind all day, and given I’m generally a really rational person I don’t really understand how it pervaded my dreams in this way.

Was I there?

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This is where things get hazy. There were about three rows in the front that were full but I couldn’t tell you who the people actually were

dreams are weird, I can imagine why it was unsettling and weird but don’t overthink it if possible… it’s just one of those weird dreams we all have occasionally.

Did you have anything unusual to eat or anything last night? I get really vivid dreams after having cider!

Also, definitely don’t worry about how much you’re posting on here, you’re a GBOL and great new poster


I had steak and chips! Haha. Yeah, I think it’s one of those dreams I just have to sideline, and it does make sense- I actually deleted Twitter because I enjoy the conversation on here a lot more- feels like much more of a community.

Thanks @jont2001 - it is very kind of you to say so :blush:

I suppose it goes without saying that if anyone does have any severely negative thoughts- my dms are always open. :relaxed:

Aw that’s horrible :frowning: I’ve had some awful dreams over the past year or so - the contents of which I don’t want to share - I think it’s my brain’s way of processing stuff (maybe because work is quite distressing at times?)

You’ve been a really good, positive addition to DiS and I don’t think you should take it as a sign to cut down.

also we couldn’t have a DiSer called aa as you have to have a minimum of three letters


^what colco said

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Thank you. I suppose given it was so specific there was an element of me like ‘is this actually real?’ Rational mindset should have kicked in and said obviously not.

I think everyone here is such a GBOL, and it’s so nice to post something like this and get genuine and kind responses rather than a barrage of hostility so, top work DiS. Not gonna get mushy but really grateful to @Avery and @Gnometorious for banging on about it :nerd_face:

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I like this


this is probably my fault for alluding to suicidal thoughts recently, sorry about that.

I take the accusation that I could bang on, very seriously

(I’m glad you’re also enjoying posting on these boards. It’s good here.)

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I had a dream the other day I had a pick axe and I rode around the sea standing on the back of a great white shark looking to hunt sea faring prey. Dreams are weird sometimes.

Also, as jont mentioned your not posting too much your my top new user without a doubt. You have a place here and we love hearing how your doing. Sorry if it upset you but I believe that I can speak for other DiSer’s that you are in no way a detriment to the boards, in fact quite the opposite.


Not in the slightest bam. I love hearing from you, posi or negi xx


:flushed::flushed::flushed: right on that note off to bed for hopefully some more posi dreams tonight :heart_eyes:


Save it for Thursday

last night i dreamt I grew another arse


Alright morrissey

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Alright, Morrissey.

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damn it I almost edited my post to say I was aware I was leaving myself wide open to that